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Try iBooking today and see the difference it can make. 

The ticketing platform that drives revenue, reduces cost, and opens new markets.

iBooking Ticket is designed exclusively for coach, bus, boat and sightseeing companies. It’s a complete solution to manage your online ticket sales from every channel.

Sell More Tickets at higher revenues, more efficiently than ever.

Powerful pricing models, ancillary products, sales incentives, and business analytics. All built into every iBooking Ticket.

Open and Scale New Sales Channels without additional cost

Every ticket, and every customer record stored securely in your own cloud-based account. Manage your business from everywhere and extend online selling to an unlimited number of agents. Sales flow to one real time account from your web site, call-centre and agents.

A Few of our Key Features

Real-Time View for Everyone

With your data secure in the cloud, your customers, staff and agents all see real-time availability at all times.

Unlimited Staff Logins

Give all your staff members their own access at no extra charge. Now everyone can place and manage real time bookings.

Powerful Customer Management

Manage and report on customer history, track spending patterns. Edit, Resend Confirmations and more…

Multiple Pricing Options

Powerful Yield Pricing Engine, Create discount codes, manage promotions, create up-sells and cross-sells.

Ratings and Reviews

iBooking includes a Ratings feature. Automatically collect ratings and reviews from customers that can be instantly published back to your web site.

Reports and Intelligence

A wide range of reports available for review or export. Track all your essential metrics and better understand your business.

Sell and Redeem Gift Vouchers

Add a new dimension to your sales with fixed value vouchers or sell your journeys or tours as a voucher. Customers can redeem automatically.

Dozens of Payment Gateways

We have integrated with many of the world’s most used secure payment gateways.

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