Simple, performance based pricing

With a ton of free stuff thrown in

At iBooking we strongly believe in the pay-for-performance model. If our product is not delivering true value then why should you pay for it? With your booking engine stored securely in the cloud, you are free to add bookings entirely free at any time – that means all of your walk-in bookings, all of your phone bookings, and all of your email bookings, are added to your booking engine completely free of all charges. That’s right. No commission and no monthly fee. Compare that to our competition!

From just £285, [$370] one-time set up fee + 5% monthly*

We charge a simple 5% commission on bookings that originate from your web site. That is, just a 5% commission on the total monthly value of ticket sales placed online by your customers, logged in Agents and Affiliates. We charge precisely zero for bookings placed in your internal booking engine. What’s even better is that we charge our commission in arrears. That means we only charge you once you’ve provided the service to your customers. Great for your cash flow! You will receive a once a month invoice detailing your commission. Pay using the method that’s most convenient for you – PayPal, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer.

The set-up fee is variable based on the complexity of your account. A basic account consists of up to 5 locations and typically takes 1-2 hours for us to configure. A more complex account may involve 100s of locations and may take 1-4 days to fully configure and test. Just contact us with your requirement and we’ll confirm before you go any further.  We’ll always be open and transparent about costs.

No, You can cancel at any time. Just pay any commissions due for the period you used the product.

No. iBooking Ticket is an entirely online solution. You need nothing more than a web browser. Our front end booking engine is mobile enabled. For the back office management we recommend using a desktop PC or Mac

Yes. We are happy to look at any requirement. We haven’t come across a requirement we’ve had to turn down.

As little as 1 day. This depends on which payment gateway you want to use, and the complexity of your account. If it’s going to take longer we’ll let you know before we start.

No. We never touch payments made to your business. Those are yours. They are processed automatically via your own payment gateway. We have not need to access your customer’s payment data.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us

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