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iBooking extends functionality with boat charter software solution for The Yellow Boats, Dubai

  • Posted by: Marcus
  • Category: iBlog

Boat rental and boat charter businesses have unique requirements when it comes to online booking and customer management. iBooking have developed a unique boat charter software solution built on the core iBooking platform for online ticketing and booking. 

Our new product supports the wide range of needs of boat charter and boat-based sightseeing operators. Working with Dubai based The Yellow Boats, we extended our flagship iBooking product to meet the unique needs of a thriving boat charter and sightseeing business. The Yellow Boats in Dubai are one of the regions most successful tourism businesses, but they struggled to find a solution that would deliver the precise functionality they needed to manage their fleet of rigid inflatable sightseeing boats.

boat charter software by iBooking
The Yellow Boats use iBooking to manage all aspects of ticketing – online, call-center and agent.

Each boat is available on a daily basis and can be assigned to one of a number of different tours or charter schedules. The Yellow Boats needed a charter boat management system that could offer real-time online booking for their customers via the company web site, and the same real-time view for a large network of agents, and for remote and office based staff. The challenge was to create an easy-to-use visual system that was always current, regardless of where the booking was being placed. Further it had to support a wide variety of ticket types, booking extras, and the needs of a booking calendar that could change several times a day.

iBooking developed an entirely new calendar based system to help The Yellow Boats manage bookings across their fleet.

iBooking took the core online ticketing platform and completed a major rewrite to come up with a solution that delivers everything required by The Yellow Boats. The result is a web-based software solution that manages all aspects of scheduling, ticketing, customer management, and payment processing.

If you’re looking for an online ticketing solution that can handle the needs of bookings from all sources, and allows complete customisation and flexibility for almost any set of vehicles – be it ¬†boats, cars, planes or something in between, we’d be delighted to show you iBooking in action.

Author: Marcus
Marcus founded iBooking in 2003. He currently juggles the CEO role alongside various other investments and early stage digital startups. He looks after all aspects of product development and is passionate about helping customers generate more sales, with greater efficiency.